Control Room Equipment Upgrades at WDJT

Milwaukee News Studio Broadcast Equipment Specialist

Notice this extensive, professional control room setup, provided courtesy of Heartland Video Systems, for WDJT Milwaukee television.  WDJT, Milwaukee’s number one source for Wisconsin sports, news, and weather, depends on HVS for all of their high-profile broadcasting needs.  Due to their large annual numbers of viewers, it is essential that WDJT uses only the highest quality in production components.  This is why they place their faith in the hands of Hartland Video Systems.  We currently provide a plethora of different professional broadcasting services including:

In addition we also inventory a large selection of both new and used broadcast systems, as well as individual components.  Our inventory is constantly changing, so we encourage you to check back with us often to see what we currently have in stock!

Heartland Video Systems, often considered to be the Mecca for all things broadcast related, centers the brunt of our services on the concept of superior customer satisfaction.  There is a reason that large broadcasting outfits such as WDJT choose our services, and that is that our expertise and commitment to excellence far exceeds that of even our closest competitors.  We offer professional broadcast equipment at affordable prices, and will work with you personally to establish a broadcasting solution that is perfect for your individual needs.  We focus on everything from TV production equipment to specialized audio equipment and components.  Our client’s positive feedback speaks for itself, and our reputation for excellent service stands as a symbol as to the quality of our work.

For more information on our products, services, or for any feedback/concerns, feel free to contact a Heartland Video Systems associate today!

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