KMVU Rack Room

KMVU Broadcasting Central Technical Area Design

In broadcasting the rack room (commonly referred to as the central apparatus room, central machine room, or central technical area) can be considered the brain of the entire operation.  The rack room’s main purpose is to safely store broadcasting equipment such as:

Because these items can be extremely sensitive it is of the upmost importance that they be kept in a safe, air-conditioned, and secure room out of the way of the general public.  Heartland Video Systems supplies and installs new and used quality broadcasting components at affordable prices.  Our proven record of client success, like the folks over at KMVU, speaks for itself, as we provide a customer service experience that is far superior to that of our competitors. 

We work directly with each of our clients in order to create custom designed broadcasting solutions that best coincide with their individual needs.  Our crews of highly trained broadcasting specialists have years of experience in the industry, and are some of the most brilliant minds in the area.  Each of our employees continues to expand his or her education in order to stay up-to-date on the latest innovations in broadcasting solutions.  We custom design control rooms like the one pictured above in order to leave you with a flawless set-up that is guaranteed to keep your business operating as efficiently as possible!

For the best deals on all of your broadcasting equipment and accessories, speak with a Heartland Video Systems associate today!

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