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Best Broadcasting Equipment for News Station Master Control Room

Recently, local news station WKOW in Madison was looking to upgrade their video production systems to jump into the forefront of live TV broadcasting in the market. The broadcasting equipment experts at Heartland Video Systems installed an intelligent and accessible tech system, greatly improving the live product on the screen.

The video transmission equipment specialists at Heartland Video Systems assessed WKOW’s unique needs and requirements and were able to translate them into a highly efficient video integration system. They chose the appropriate broadcast equipment for the project and turned it into the best TV production systems in Madison.

WKOW’s master control room has immediately become the envy of news stations all around the Madison area. No other news station boasts a more streamlined live TV experience. Achieve the same for your news station today—contact the broadcast specialists at Heartland Video Systems and find the best video production solutions.

Professional Broadcast Integrators Provide High Quality Video Installation Systems

With 20 years of experience serving the Midwest with professional installation services, Heartland Video Systems is the best option for you when you’ve decided to upgrade your high tech video broadcasting system. We install only the highest quality video broadcast equipment and integrate it intelligently to maximize ease of use.

If left in the wrong hands, large audio and video production systems can become a mess of cords and completely unmanageable. Tangled cords. LEDs blinking everywhere. Interfaces that are not intuitive. We ensure you don’t run in to any of these problems. Our installation experts integrate video equipment quickly and properly.

Stay on the cutting edge of video production and live TV broadcasting solutions. Give your news station the technological advantage today!

Contact the video production experts  at Heartland Video Systems to see how we install top-of-the-line broadcasting equipment for your news station.
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