WKOW Tech Core

Expert Installation of Tech Core by Broadcast System Specialists

Local news station WKOW, based in Madison, WI, hired Heartland Video Systems to rebuild the tech core and massively improve the technological capability and stability of WKOW’s news broadcast. Every news station looking to stay ahead of the curve in tech trends needs to have an advanced, functioning tech core infrastructure to keep things running smoothly.

Video systems in news stations can be incredibly overwhelming. Cables crossing everywhere. Flashing LEDs. Unintelligible interfaces. Power and cable boxes stacked to the ceiling. You can be assured seasoned professionals from Heartland Video Systems can piece together the puzzle and install an intelligent and manageable video production system.

We have 20 years of experience serving the Midwest with professional video production equipment installation, maintenance and technical support. No one is better suited to handle the high-tech video equipment for your news station than Heartland Video Systems.

Want Great Results? Hire the Best Integrators for Professional Solutions

Heartland Video Systems has an excellent reputation for providing intuitive installations optimizing communication between high-tech instruments. They can help you set up a master control room worthy of other news stations’ envy.

It takes a team of highly qualified experts to set up machinery providing you with top of the line graphics and processing power. When you hire Heartland Video Systems to organize and install your master control system, you get the service of the best technicians in the business at an affordable price.

Working with us, you will get top-of-the-line equipment. We partner with many of the top broadcasting and video production equipment manufacturers on the market, including Ericsson, JVC and Sony.

Thanks to the broadcast system integrators at HVS, WKOW in Madison has a technologically superior video production system to their competing local news stations. Get the same advantage for your news station today!

To learn more about how our video systems streamline your operations, contact the broadcast equipment professionals at Heartland Video Systems.
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