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Professional Installation of GPIO Cables in Your Master Control Room

Install or upgrade your news station’s master control room with the broadcast support service experts at Heartland Video Systems. HVS recently installed a high-tech video production system for Madison, WI’s WKOW, a local news station, and they now boast one of the best professional video systems in the Midwest.

One component of a top-flight video tech system is a highly organized and intuitive GPIO ribbon cable setup. Nothing infuriates systems managers and users like a tangled spaghetti mess of cords confusing anyone trying to troubleshoot an issue.

The broadcast system integrators at Heartland Video Systems intelligently install GPIO ribbon cables to keep you from tearing your hair out and wrestling with a web of cords.

Quincy Broadcasting Master Control System Specialists Install Top Equipment

Heartland Video Systems provides top-notch broadcast system support and use the best equipment on the market today. When you get a professional video production system from HVS, you get a technologically advanced product keeping you on the cutting edge.

Other professional video production system installers may set up used equipment or purchase off-brands to cut back on expenses to improve their bottom line, but not HVS.

Our specialists work with broadcast equipment dealers providing the newest technology in the industry. Heartland Video Systems purchases and installs equipment from reputable dealers including Dolby, Logitek and Panasonic.

The broadcast experts at HVS want you to have the best. No exceptions. You will have peace of mind knowing your newsroom’s video production system is the best of the best in the industry.

Equip your master control room with the best video system in the industry from our broadcast system integrators at Heartland Video Systems.
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