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WAOW Cables

Broadcast Video Equipment Professionals Install Network of A/V Cables

WAOW in Wausau, Wisconsin brought in Heartland Video Systems to install a new audio/video command center for their news broadcast. HVS used their 20 years of experience and expertise in the broadcast video industry to install a high-tech, intelligent master control system, integrating the myriad moving and communicating parts to make WAOW the envy of the broadcast industry in north central Wisconsin.

Installation of technologically advanced broadcast video systems entails a vast network of cables transmitting signals to various different components. The end result can be a confusing, spaghetti web of indecipherable connections. Heartland Video Systems keeps systems of cables organized and digestible to aid in future troubleshooting and maintenance. Our experts keep our systems in order. You don’t need to worry about a mess of cords overwhelming you and slowing integration efforts.

Space restrictions always play a role in broadcast video system installation, and intelligent cord organization is a key component. Newsroom video equipment experts at Heartland Video Systems install comprehensive video broadcast gear cleanly and efficiently to make the very most of your news studio’s space.

Professional News Studio Suppliers Perform Integration, Compression and Transmission Services

Heartland Video Systems works with reputable news studio equipment manufacturers around the world to design, install and integrate advanced broadcast video systems in news rooms around the country. Trust in Heartland Video Systems to install nothing but the highest quality cameras, graphics and production gear in your news studio. They did as such for WAOW in Wausau, and they do the same for you.

Contact TV newsroom equipment professionals at Heartland Video Systems for intelligent installation of broadcast video systems.
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