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WKOW Rack Cabling

Broadcast Systems Integrators Organize Newsroom Rack Cabling System

When WKOW, a local news station in Madison, WI, needed to redesign their master control room, they turned to the systems integrators at Heartland Video Systems. Assessing the situation, our engineers were able to design an elegant solution both for the front end control room and the miles of data cables it required.

Data cable pathways need to be carefully pre-planned to avoid messy tangles and damaged wires.

With the huge numbers of wires in any newsroom server and data center, it is important to have an experienced systems integration company design the right cable pathway. The work done at WKOW is a great example of the well-thought-out, organized approach Heartland Video Systems takes to cable management.

Best Practices and Top Manufacturers Deliver Great Results Every Time

The experienced team of broadcast newsroom system integrators at Heartland Video Systems always follows industry best practices when wiring server racks. We avoid damaging or stressing the sensitive wires by ensuring the cables make wide, sweeping 90° turns, use proper waterfalls and leaving enough space to prevent kinking.

Avoid spaghetti syndrome with rack cable management solutions from Heartland Video Systems.

Often, the best plan is ruined by using equipment not quite up to the task. With Heartland Video Systems, we use the video production industry’s leading brands to ensure your video system will perform as designed for years to come. High quality cables, terminations, ladder racks and trays can mean the difference between top performance and a disaster. Choose Heartland Video Systems for your broadcast systems design and you can count on industry leading equipment installed to best practices by experienced professionals.

Contact the newsroom rack cable management experts at Heartland Video Systems for a quote today.
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