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WDJT - Milwaukee Implements Full Broadcast System Upgrade with HVS

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Broadcast System Upgrade and Integration for WDJT Milwaukee by HVS

When WDJT needed fast and flexible design and integration services for their production rebuild upgrade, they chose Heartland Video Systems, Inc. (HVS, Inc.).

It had been 20 years since the 2nd floor of WDJT, CBS-58 Milwaukee had been updated. Corporate owner Weigel Broadcasting Co decided to not only upgrade the production portion of the tech core, but also rebuild the newsroom, add a second studio, and build a new primary set for their Milwaukee group of stations.

With a short timeframe of approximately 3 months to complete the production rebuild and partial tech core upgrade, WDJT needed project management and integration design services that would not only meet this timeline, but also involve the local station engineering team and Weigel direct-sourced equipment in the project. Vice President of Technology at Weigel Broadcasting Co, Kyle Walker, comments:

“We were trying to do a lot of things in a short amount of time. While WDJT has a good engineering team there wasn’t anyone who had been involved in design integration for a project of this scale. We partnered with Heartland on the design aspects of it and utilized Heartland to lead the labor efforts, but at the same time, work with the local engineering team. Once any integrator leaves a site, it is up to the local team to quickly resolve any issues, making them a part of this project helps in this process.”

Comprehensive Project Management

HVS, Inc. ran and labeled all cabling, provided CAD drawings, and took the lead on project management for the integration of the Grass Valley Stratus and Ignite system. As an equipment reseller, HVS, Inc. was able to recommend and source ancillary equipment for the project as well. HVS, Inc. worked with WDJT to provide the level of involvement that they specifically requested allowing WDJT to purchase equipment directly if they desired, but at the same time maintaining consistent project management support from HVS, Inc. throughout. HVS Systems Engineer, Tom Wagner, was the project manager for integration at WDJT. Kyle Walker comments:

“When it comes to working with members that are involved in a project, I like being able to work with the same team from start to finish. I like having one solid leader that is your interface. Someone that knows how to manage a project, but also someone that can dig a little deeper on the technical side of things, so you can discuss different options. HVS, Inc. met all these requirements.”

HVS, Inc. worked with the local station engineers throughout the project. Not only did this create a “team” mindset between WDJT and HVS. Inc., it also helped to instill a sense of ownership and confidence in the engineers going forward after the project was completed.

“It was our goal to make the engineers feel a part of the process.” Kyle adds, “This process allowed our engineering team to see first-hand the way they have always done things before, and how racks could look after.”

HVS Installs Studio Broadcast Equipment Upgrades on Time

Maintaining a flexible integrator mentality was also necessary within this short timeframe. Kyle Walker explains:

“Anytime you are doing a major integration project, schedules and the scope of the work can change…people need to have the right type of temperament…everybody that HVS brought in had really good spirits about them. They were a great team.”

HVS, Inc. was able to work through any necessary last minute changes without it derailing the project or the involved personnel.

This WDJT production rebuild and tech core upgrade project commenced on July 1st, 2015 and HVS, Inc. completed their portion of the design and integration on September 16th, 2015. WDJT Chief Engineer Steve Percefull and his team at WDJT are satisfied with how the project turned out. Walker notes:

“It’s great having HVS because we always have their support…if I had to pick a best case scenario of what I was hoping for this to be in April, it turned out as exactly as what I hoped for in the end.”

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