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ADTEC Digital

ADTEC Digital

ADTEC Digital Broadcasting SolutionsAdtec is your source for digital broadcasting solutions

ADTEC is a proud supplier of broadcast, cable, and IPTV products for ad insertion.  Dynamic ad insertion is a cost effective process by which advertising companies target various ads which can easily be swapped in and out of VOD (video on demand) content.  ADTEC specializes in SD & HD distribution encoders, media routers, IRD systems, and more!  

Heartland Video Systems partners with ADTEC Digital in order to ensure we provide all of our clients with the best broadcasting equipment on the market.  Together with all of our manufacturers, we strive to provide new and innovative broadcasting solutions go above and beyond your highest of expectations.

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What are IRD Systems

IRD systems, short for integrated receiver/decoder, are widely used in radio, television, cable, satellite and other broadcasting stations.  In simple terms, they are a simple signal receiver which receives, decodes, and relays certain signals into the desired or usable form.  IRD systems are extremely common in satellite television systems which consistently work with a large volume of complex signals. They are an essential piece of equipment in the broadcasting world, and ADTEC is an industry giant in high quality integrated receiver decoders. Heartland Video Systems is proud to have them as one of our dedicated manufacturers.  

Broadcasting Hardware for Professional and Commercial Applications

Based out of Nashville, TN with other branches throughout the United States, ADTEC is a widely recognized manufacturer in the broadcasting world. ADTEC continues to research, develop, and provide new and innovative broadcasting solutions, which is why we here at Heartland Video Systems place our trust in them to provide us with the best equipment possible. We recommend ADTEC and their quality broadcasting components for all of our clients, and our staff of knowledgeable broadcasting experts will assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Need more information about ADTEC, or any of our other available broadcasting solutions?  Contact an HVS representative today!

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