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Artel Video Systems

The Industry’s Best Video Transport Technology Quality Artel broadcasting equipment sold at HVS

Heatland Video Systems proudly supplies video-braodcast transportation technology from the leading media transportation development company in the industry, Artel Video Systems. As a long standing competitor in the broadcast technology industry, Artel has provided quality, innovative video transport technology for over thirty-years.  

Unparalleled Reputation for Reliability

Broadcasting technology has become more popular than ever; and Artel Video Systems is progressively enhancing its equipment to match this development on an international level. User friendly technology like the DigiLink, FiberLink, and InfinityLink have been named the most easy-to-deploy and manage video transporting platforms in the industry.

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When you want quality conversion and terminal equipment, shop Heartland Video Systems for affordable rates. Whether you’re a large-scaled broadcasting house of worship, higher-education institution, or sports center, the user-friendly, efficient equipment from Artel are guaranteed to fit your needs.  

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