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When you need the best production and server storage equipment from one of the world’s leading computer and engineering experts, you can’t do better than ATOMOS. Their high quality production equipment – including their IPS Calibrated monitors, 4K/HD SDI and HDMI inputs, and XLR audio recording equipment – are sure to excite anyone working with production technology in the broadcasting industry.

All ATOMOS technology is designed and developed in Melbourne, Australia, and the computer engineers and designers there continue to innovate their equipment for the 21st century. Their most well-known pieces of equipment are named after the designers’ favorite Chinese warriors and weapons, including the Shogun Flame, the Ninja Assassin and the Samurai Blade.

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You can find all ATOMOS products available at great prices at Heartland Video Systems! When you need top quality production and monitoring equipment for your broadcasting company, HVS is the place for you.

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