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Brightline is one of the leading manufacturers in broadcast production, lighting, studio design and monitoring. For years, Brightline has presented flexibility and responsiveness to the evolving needs of the broadcasting industry with top quality studio lighting and videoconferencing equipment.

Brightline carries some of the best high end lighting equipment available in the industry. Some of the equipment they’ve developed include:

  • T-Series
  • Stealth T
  • i-Series
  • VideoPlus
  • SeriesONE
  • Lupo LED Fixtures

No matter what lighting equipment or accessories you get from Brightline, you can rest assured they will be manufactured to the highest quality, giving you unparalleled performance and reliability for years to come.

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The professionals at Heartland Video Systems in Wisconsin are here to provide you with the best lighting and videoconferencing equipment from Brightline. Don’t wait – contact the professionals at HVS today to get the best Brightline lighting equipment and accessories for your broadcasting company.

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