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The experts at Canare provide companies like Heartland Video Systems with the best A/V cables and wire assemblies for professional broadcasting systems. Founded in 1970 in Nagoya, Japan, Canare has consistently been a trusted manufacturer of wires, cables, and conversion equipment for broadcasting companies all over the world, and they continue to be the partner of choice for companies needing the best, most innovative wire and cable technology of the modern age.

Canare manufactures high-quality A/V equipment for broadcasting companies all over the world, including products such as:

  • RCA Connectors
  • Patchbays
  • Cable Reels
  • Snake Systems
  • Wire Assemblies
  • Cable Strippers
  • And much more
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HVS Trusts Canare for All Our Conversion Equipment Needs

When you need the best Canare wires, cables, patchbays, or connectors for your broadcasting company, Heartland Video Systems is the way to go. Our team of professionals can get you whatever conversion equipment you need at the lowest possible prices.

Call the conversion equipment resellers at HVS today to get more information on Canare products.
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