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ESE Broadcast and Production

ESEis your source for video distribution amplifiersESE began designing digital clocks and timers for the boadcast industry in 1971. ESE has been recognized for their Audio and Video Distribution Amplifiers broadcast quality and durability. As broadcasting technology keeps growing, ESE keeps pace with all new broadcasting techonology advancements.

ESE's line of products consists of eleven different products "families" that include:

  • Master Clocks Systems
  • 9-1-1 Products
  • Distribution Amplifiers
  • Clocks and Timers
  • "Audio" Products
  • "Video" Products
  • "Airborne" Products
  • "SMPTE Time Code" Products 
  • "Time Control" Producs
  • "IRIG Time Code" Products
  • Time Code "Converters and Translators"
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What are GPS Master Clocks/Time Code Generators?

A GPS Master Clock/Time Code Generator is a unit that received accurate time and date information from Global Positioning System satellites and display 6 digits of time. These outpouts allow master clock devices to easily interface with new or existring computers, automation and clock systems. Certain master clocks have been customized for specific applications, for example the 911 series is used for emergency centers and the Airborne products are suitable for high-G environments. 

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