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Exalt Communications offers a new breed of innovative, wireless-backhaul products that have been developed specifically to meet the demanding and changing requirements of the carrier-class user. These radios provide excellent system performance and incorporate features that result in the lowest cost of ownership in their class.

The EX-i series frrom Exalt by Star Microwave are an all indoor radio installatipon operating in bandwidths from 2.4 to 5.8 GhZ. As it is the newest model, you'll have the unparalleled capability for spectrum environments. 


Current Models:

  • EX-2.4i
  • EX-2.4i-16
  • EX-4.9iEX-5i
  • EX-5i-16
  • EX-5i-DS3
  • EX-5i Lite

Contact us if you need more informnation on the EX-r, EX-r-c, or the EX-s series.



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