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JLCooper Electronics

Professional Video & Audio Controls and Interface Solutions 

Audio & Video Controller and Interface Solutions

Heartland Video Systems is a proud supplier of JLCooper Electronics. JLCooper is truly a pioneer in the development of professional control, automation, synchronization and interfacing products. Founded in 1979 to make accessories for the growing music synthesizer market, JLCooper has expanded to become a multimillion dollar corporation servicing audio and video production, television and radio broadcast, film editing, medical research and imaging, aerospace, education and many other specialized markets. Heartland Video Systems provides JLCooper products because they have the most innovative technology on the market. 

JlCooper controller products include:

  • AXOS
  • Eclipse Series 
  • FaderMaster Professional 
  • sBOX
  • SharpShot

Interface products include:

  • eBOX family 
  • GangWay
  • MLA - MIDI Line Amplifiers 
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OEM Services by JLCooper

JLCooper Electronics successfully works with industry leading companies and educational institutions in a variety of OEM, private label, custom engineering, software development and other relationships. Successfully working in many OEM relationships, JLCooper Electronics develops and manufactures products for companies on the forefront of digital audio, video, multimedia and other technologies. JLCooper can partner at any level with your company to cooperatively develop products that perfectly meet your requirements and budget. Dedication to optimum control surface and interface engineering, quality and reliability makes JLCooper the preeminent partner, helping your company achieve its goals on time and within budget.


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JLCooper has everything in control, automation, synchronization, and interface products. With over 40 years of manufacturing experience and hundreds of finished product designs, leading companies look to JLCooper as a partner for custom control applications. JLCooper has provided us at HVS a great partnership, they want to provide you one as well. 

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