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Lectrosonics Wireless Technology

Wireless microphone, encrypted digital wireless, & DSP audio processing systems

HVS-Inc is a distributor of Lectrosonics wireless technology

Lectrosonics is a well-respected wireless technology manufacturer for the film, broadcast, music and theater technical industries. Located in the heart of New Mexico, Lectrosonics holds a strong focus on quality and innovation. Wireless microphone transmitters and audio processing products made by Lectrosonics are built to last.

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Lectrosonics Wireless Capabilities

  • SPDR and MTCR Recorders. Achieve professional quality digital audio recordings with compact equipment.
  • Antennas. Lectrosonics offers a variety of antennas and accessories, including remote antennas.
  • Wireless & IFB. Wireless transmitters provide optimum portability. Lectrosonics has a large variety of interruptible foldback receivers.
  • Audio Processors. Integrate analog and digital network signals in a seamless manner.
  • Accessories. Lectrosonics houses a large selection of audio accessories.

Durable Broadcast Equipment

Lectrosonics has been trusted by several industries to provide exceptional audio gear capable of surviving rugged applications. Lectrosonics gear has survived falls from rooftops, the playful hands of children, hits from foul balls at major league baseball games, ejection from cars during crashes and more. Lectrosonics equipment holds true through any surprises in the broadcasting process. Big names like American Horror Story, The Bachelor, Ford vs. Ferrari, Gotham Sound, Breaking Bad, Microsoft and more have counted on Lectrosonics when it counts to deliver great audio.

Order Lectrosonics Wireless Technology from Heartland Video Systems

At HVS we pride ourselves on finding the best products at the best prices. When you buy Lectrosonics, you receive quality equipment intended to last. If you’re not sure what you need for your specific application, our experienced sales staff will assist you in finding and ordering the right broadcast equipment and gear.

For quality wireless technology from Lectrosonics, contact an HVS associate today!
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