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e2v Technologies

e2v Technologies

Integrated Production Switchers and Cloud-Based Media Management Solutions from e2v Technologies.

e2v Technologies produces solutions for production environments that aim to optimize the production process using AI, cloud technologies and image analysis. Cloud-based media management systems from e2v Technologies are some of the most advanced on the market featuring built-in quality control and authentication technology to ensure that your professional grade media delivery, transcoding and archiving needs are carried out flawlessly. For some of the most advanced multi-layer custom 3d graphics, the graphics engines from Broadcast Pix can't be beat in terms of creating powerful, professionally polished graphics.Buy Broadcast Pix products from Heartland Video Systems

Teledyne e2v is a global leader in specialised components and subsystems for innovative solutions in medical, science, aerospace, defence and industrial applications

  • RF Power solutions for: defence electronic countermeasures, radiotherapy cancer treatment machines, radar systems, satellite communications amplifiers, industrial heating, cargo screening, ProWave® industrial processing systems, missile control safety and arming devices, and digital television transmitters.
  • Imaging solutions including CCD and CMOS sensors and cameras, for space and earth observation imaging, science and life science imaging, machine vision, ophthalmology and dental x-ray systems.
  • Semiconductor solutions for aerospace and defence programmes requiring: lifecycle management, hi-rel microprocessors, high speed data converters, high reliability ICs with lifetime continuity of supply, assembly and test services and MRAMs.

HVS Carries e2v Technologies Products and Solutions

Heartland Video Systems carries a full line of e2v Technologies products used by industry leading film studios and broadcasters. Contact Heartland Video Systems for pricing and ordering information on e2v Technologies products. 

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HVS is your source for the best prices on e2v Technologies. We are experienced suppliers for the broadcast and entertainment industries, and we can get you the exact equipment you need for your production. Contact us today for more information.

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