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Providing Multi-format Video Transcoder Solutionsipera video transcoder solutions supplied at HVS

Heartland Video Systems is a proud seller of Ipera video transcoder solutions. Founded in 2005 in the heart of Silicon Valley, a team of video engineers and executives invented and patented numerous video enhancement technologies. Ipera designs and manufactures high performance multi-format video transcoder products for a full range of video services. 

 Their products address the following “Pain Points” experienced by customers of competing transcoder products:

  • Transcoder too slow
  • “Toxic” Pathfire & Pitch Blue files
  • Closed captioning problems
  • Formats not supported
  • Poor output quality


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Transcoder Solutions by ipera

Iperea's Pixel Xtream represents a breakthrough for professional grade video and media encoders, enabling content producers, online video providers, and coporate users of web video to deliver exceptional quality video at the lowest possible bit-rates.

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If you need multi-format media streaming solutions, shop Heartland Video Systems for products from ipera. 

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