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  • Heartland Video Systems Joins the ATSC to Contribute a Pure Play System Integrator’s Perspective

    Heartland Video Systems, Inc. has joined the ATSC to bring over 20 years of ATSC implementation knowledge to the organization. Heartland is one of very few pure play system integrators to join the organization and does so with a mission to share what they have learned as one of the most active integrators of ATSC 3.0 systems. Said Dennis Klas, CEO of Heartland Video, Inc. “Since ATSC 3.0 implementations have started we have been fortunate to be working with several large station groups an... Read More

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  • Integration Lab Assists HVS Prepare For Deploying ATSC 3.0

    The lab also served as common ground for the integrator with 3.0 air-chain supplier DigiCAP December 03, 2020 PLYMOUTH, Wisc.—Heartland Video Systems learned a lesson 20 years ago during the transition from analog TV to ATSC 1.0-based DTV that is proving to be valuable as broadcasters once more transition, this time to NextGen TV service. “When we were integrating ATSC 1.0, there was always a rush to get stations on the air quickly,” recalls Dennis Klas, company CEO. “... Read More

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  • HVS Makes Adding Digital Subchannels a Breeze

    When all U.S. broadcast networks made the transition from analog to digital signal, the shift opened the door for the creation of subchannels. Using these digital subchannels, television stations can offer multiple independent program streams simultaneously within a single signal. These multicast channels allow broadcasters to complement the programming available on their primary channels, often with content such as children’s programs, pop culture favorites, classic TV shows, and niche co... Read More

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  • HVS Expands Engineering Team

        Heartland Video Systems Expands Engineering and Installation Team to Support Growing Customer Base Across the U.S. Trenton Mengel Joins HVS as Senior Systems Engineer; Joshua Christian and Ethan Grier Enter Company in Assembly Tech Roles PLYMOUTH, Wis. — July 23, 2019 — Heartland Video Systems (HVS), an industry-leading broadcast equipment supplier for professional AV studios, is expanding its engineering team to address incre... Read More

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  • Heartland Video Systems Expertise Recognized by TV Technology

    Heartland Video Systems Strives Towards Station Automation Heartland Video Systems, Inc. has always strived to be at the forefront of multimedia technology. Running television and broadcasting stations efficiently has led to a rise in automation within studios. The goal of broadcast automation is to take advantage of technology to streamline station programming while still promoting growth. Our excellence in the video industry automation was even recognized in a recent article by TVTechnology.c... Read More

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  • NVerzion Helps Maximize KVIE Station Efficiencies

    KVIE recently upgraded their NVerzion automation system. HVS assists with master control and branding for a new master control system core. View the TVTechnology Article Read More

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  • WDSE

    By: Broadcast Engineering Dec. 11, 2009 WDSE-TV, the PBS affiliate in Duluth, MN, and Heartland Video Systems started planning the rebuild of the WDSE master control room in early 2008. At that time, WDSE’s digital broadcast stream consisted of an HD rebroadcast from PBS; an SD rebroadcast of PBS Create, an SD channel that also fed the analog transmitter; and the MN Channel, a service consisting of Minnesota government sessions and local series programming. The primary goal of the proje... Read More

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  • Louisiana Public Television connects to new high-speed IP network

    By: Broadcast Engineering Dec. 10, 2008 Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB), headquartered in Baton Rouge, provides local and national PBS programming for six separate DMAs as well as to partner stations WLAE and WYES in New Orleans. Before 2008, all LPB programming was delivered via satellite; this recent upgrade provides for IP network delivery with a satellite backup. LPB is a partner with the Louisiana Optical Network Initiative (LONI), a high-speed university-based super computing networ... Read More

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  • JVC releases revolutionary camera technology for breaking news broadcasting applications

    With the abundance of camera-capable mobile devices permeating our society, the public and the media are engaged in full-fledged news warfare, racing to be the first to capture and broadcast the next late-breaking news story. Fortunately, news crews are equipped with significantly better camera technology, enabling them to film in greater definition and clarity for optimal visually appeal. Recently, world renowned innovative multimedia manufacturer, JVC, released the latest development in news ... Read More

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  • 4K UHDTV Revolutionary Technology Emerging in Broadcast Industry

    The broadcast technology industry is constantly seeking new ways to enhance the television viewing experience. First there was Standard Definition TV (SDTV), then High Definition TV (HDTV), followed by 3D TV. Now, the next emerging broadcasting technology is 4K Ultra High Definition TV (4K UHDTV). The 4K UHDTV technology has been employed in cinematography in recent years; however, television broadcasting is just beginning to utilize this technology. As cinematography technology advances, so do... Read More

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Heartland Video Systems, Inc. has joined the ATSC to bring over 20 years of ATSC implementation know...

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