Broadcast Solutions Rain Down from the Cloud

Broadcast Solutions Rain Down from the Cloud

The broadcast industry is constantly seeking ways to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs. The emergence and implementation of the Cloud allows for efficient streamlining of daily business operations. Utilizing trusted Cloud service providers permits broadcasters to store high volumes of content remotely without weighing down their own storage system. The Cloud is virtually revolutionizing the industry through its capabilities to reduce infrastructure costs and maintenance. By effectively eliminating the need for costly content storage installation, maintenance and upgrades, the Cloud is viewed as a financially-sound and reliable investment.

Another benefit of implementing the Cloud is network sharing. By allowing users within the same location or a separate location to work concurrently, the Cloud significantly increases staff efficiency and productivity. These flexible capabilities ensure projects are completed at the highest level of proficiency. The Cloud is able to maximize network sharing production due to its ability to store up to petabyte (quadrillion) units of information.

While the Cloud is a highly effective means for mass storage, it also poses a variety of threats, including security infiltration, system crashes and data recovery complications. These concerns are generally addressed in service agreements. However, since risk prevention and resolutions cannot be guaranteed, broadcast facilities are encouraged to maintain a separate backup system.

As Cloud computing continues to advance, glitches will be corrected, functionality will be increased, and system compatibility will be improved. Until the Cloud model has been perfected, the broadcast industry should still utilize separate storage systems in case of Cloud breakdown.

With or without Cloud access, learn how to keep your storage system permanently secure with HVS stand-alone applications from our line of broadcast storage solutions.

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