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JVC releases revolutionary camera technology for breaking news broadcasting applications

JVC releases revolutionary camera technology for breaking news broadcasting applications

With the abundance of camera-capable mobile devices permeating our society, the public and the media are engaged in full-fledged news warfare, racing to be the first to capture and broadcast the next late-breaking news story. Fortunately, news crews are equipped with significantly better camera technology, enabling them to film in greater definition and clarity for optimal visually appeal.

Recently, world renowned innovative multimedia manufacturer, JVC, released the latest development in news application camera technology. The JVC GY-HM650U is a handheld mobile news camera weighing little more than five pounds, rendering it the lightest camera in its class. This revolutionary camera is outfitted with the works:

  • High definition recording capabilities
  • Neutral density filters
  • LCD display with Focus Assist
  • A crystal clear viewfinder
  • Multiple recording format options
  • 3 SMOS sensors for F11 sensitivity at 2 lux 
  • Built-in storage card compartments
  • USB host connectivity port
  •  And more!

The JVC GY-HM650U was designed with user-friendly, organized and intuitive configuration, enabling quick and convenient camera operation when fast-breaking news happens.

The most revolutionary feature on the latest JVC camera is its ability to transmit the recorded footage remotely without the use of an imposing and expensive satellite truck. With the ability to wirelessly transmit video files to any FTP site in the world for instant editing, the JVC GY-HM650U efficiently streamlines the workflow process. Now, news crews can move from location to location, transmitting footage remotely through the use of the camera’s USB host functionality, broadcasting on-air news story faster than ever before.

As the only camera of its kind on the market today, current cost estimates of these cameras are around $5,000. This may seem like a hefty expense to some, but for others it is viewed as a hugely advantageous investment. Those who invest in the new JVC camera will experience greater streamlined workflow, higher quality broadcasting content, faster delivery of on-air news stories and increased viewership and resulting profitability.

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