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4K UHDTV Revolutionary Technology Emerging in Broadcast Industry

4K UHDTV Revolutionary Technology Emerging in Broadcast Industry

The broadcast technology industry is constantly seeking new ways to enhance the television viewing experience. First there was Standard Definition TV (SDTV), then High Definition TV (HDTV), followed by 3D TV. Now, the next emerging broadcasting technology is 4K Ultra High Definition TV (4K UHDTV). The 4K UHDTV technology has been employed in cinematography in recent years; however, television broadcasting is just beginning to utilize this technology.

As cinematography technology advances, so do audience expectations. 4K UHDTV is designed to be the superior form of HDTV, providing significantly better visual effects. 4K uses 4x the resolution of full High Definition TV. While 8x and 16x the HDTV resolution is already entering the development stage, it will still be quite some time before this technology is implemented in regular television production.

4K UHDTV creates cinematography image quality by using more pixels to significantly improve image detail and clarity. The expanded color range will allow richer color options and improved contrast and depth. 4K also has the capability to pan and zoom during live televised programming, such as sporting events, without compromising resolution quality. However, 4K usually requires images to be enhanced after the material is filmed and before entering post-production stages.

There are some drawbacks present at this time with 4K UHDTV. Some disadvantages include the mass amount of data required for 4K video, which poses a real challenge for production and distribution industries.  Consequently, compression technology will require improvements to handle the incredible volume of picture information involved in 4K.

Today, the 4K technology is an expensive investment with minimal initial return, making it less desirable for smaller broadcast facilities and those unsure of the future success and consumer demand for 4K. However, as more manufacturers enter the market, costs will begin to diminish and implementing 4K will become much more feasible for the broadcast industry.

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