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Frequently Asked Questions

Audio and Video Equipment Frequently Asked Questions

Heartland Video Systems believes in providing the best new and used audio and video equipment and services catered to your unique needs. Unlike other video production equipment suppliers, we don’t hide behind the fine print. We openly address all your questions and concerns to ensure you receive exactly what you expect. Below is a list of our most commonly asked questions, which we have provided for your convenience.

Please contact your audio and video equipment supplier, HVS, for other queries on the products and services we offer.

Does HVS Offer Remote Support for My Professional Broadcasting Equipment?

Yes we do! Please click our Professional Broadcasting Equipment link for remote support access from industry experts or contact HVS directly by filling out our Audio and Video Equipment online submission form and we will promptly address your issue.

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I see you are based in Wisconsin, do you offer equipment and system installation services outside of your area?

Yes. HVS provides on-site installation and systems integration services throughout the US.

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What is your equipment installation and systems integration policy? Does cost vary by region?

Cost does not vary by region. Instead, it is determined on a case-by-case basis by our head system engineers. On-site installation and systems integration pricing is based on HVS services needed and travel required.

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What payment methods does HVS accept?

At the time of quoting, please let us know which payment method you prefer to use. HVS accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and leasing options through third party financing. You may elect to fill out our credit application to establish Net 30 invoicing terms with us.

Download a copy of the Net 30 Application

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Does HVS rent used equipment?

Yes. If you require equipment for a limited time, we will provide you with a quote to rent used equipment from us. Contact us to let us know what broadcasting equipment you need and we will check our used equipment stock for availability.

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Will HVS take my call if I need help with my equipment?

Yes. If you purchased your broadcasting equipment from HVS or had us install your equipment or system, we will be available to assist you during regular business hours.

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Will HVS come onsite to my facility?

Yes. HVS has highly skilled technicians to provide onsite assistance, recommendations, troubleshooting, installations and system integrations.

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What particular industries do you service?

Our primary clientele includes television stations, broadcast facilities, post-production facilities, colleges and universities and professional video companies.

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Does HVS have new equipment in stock?

We have a variety of equipment in stock on a regular basis, including new Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) encoders, as well as some new SD and HD receivers. Contact us with all your broadcasting equipment needs and we will be happy to locate your exact product requirements.

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