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Company History

Broadcast Audio and Video Equipment Supplier, Heartland Video Systems Inc. Company History

Heartland Video Systems, Inc. (HVS) was forged by President Dennis Klas in 1990 as the Wisconsin office of Hartmann and Associates. The company developed as a test equipment manufacturer’s rep and microwave services company. These engineering roots have stayed with HVS and continue to shape the company. In 1997, the company became Heartland Video Systems, Inc. and was incorporated.

In the late 1990s, HVS invested in additional resources to provide ATSC master control and video compression systems. With this investment, HVS adapted and grew with their broadcast customers. The new area of MPEG compression and HDTV technologies provided many opportunities for HVS to grow with the broadcast industry. To support these new product areas, HVS developed integration/services, and customer support capability. This structure has been quite important in the current era as customers have smaller staffs than in the past.

HVS has partnered with a multitude of major communication equipment manufacturers to provide technologies for all links in the broadcast chain. HVS provides an array of manufacturer options, allowing customers to freely and conveniently select the products they require without concern of poor customer service. HVS caters to many multimedia production platforms, including television stations, broadcasting stations, colleges and universities and post production facilities.

Heartland Video Systems has been supplying the USA with quality communications equipment, professional installation services and ongoing technical support for over 20 years. HVS is a proud member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE), an honored recipient of a 2010 Engineering Excellence Award, and a voting member of ATSC. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you in the audio and video equipment supply field.


RF Wireless Data, LLC.

Heartland Video Systems, Inc. (HVS) has been involved in the broadcast microwave business for over 30 years. HVS has decided to leverage this microwave experience and apply it to our new division, RF Wireless Data, LLC.

To launch into this new adventure of radio frequency wireless monitoring, HVS has partnered with SAF Tehnika, a trusted microwave vendor who we have worked with for many years. Wireless monitoring is utilized in a variety of different industries to monitor carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure. Our partnership with SAF Tehnika’s proven wireless monitoring products offers us many new opportunities to explore. 

Our broadcast customers will likely have the most interest in CO2 monitoring. CO2 monitoring is important for back to work COVID-19 safety plans to verify a proper amount of air is circulated into these environments. COVID-19 is transmitted via aerosols, which are small droplets that are released into the air during talking, coughing, and sneezing. These small droplets can linger in the air for several hours. Aranet4 sensors will display air quality readings when ventilation is needed and when people are at risk for COVID-19 infection via aerosols. 

Another reason to monitor CO2 is to make sure the indoor air does not contain high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration because this can affect a person’s cognitive ability and their productivity. Indoor CO2 concentration can make people anxious, sleepy, and unable to concentrate which results in a lower performance to complete tasks. Decreasing CO2 levels can increase a person’s productivity. Aranet products monitor indoor air quality, provide real-time data, and receive alerts when the CO2 levels have crossed thresholds and rooms need ventilation. When rooms are ventilated in a timely manner, concentration and performance levels increase, improving productivity and overall contentment.

At RF Wireless Data, LLC our vision is to make environmental monitoring affordable, easy to use, and precise. We are working closely with SAF Tehnika/Aranet to bring you the best wireless monitoring/IoT products in the field. To learn more, please reach out to us via our website






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